Build, test and benchmark

xtensor-python build supports the following options:

  • BUILD_TESTS: enables the xtest and xbenchmark targets (see below).

  • DOWNLOAD_GTEST: downloads gtest and builds it locally instead of using a binary installation.

  • GTEST_SRC_DIR: indicates where to find the gtest sources instead of downloading them.

All these options are disabled by default. Enabling DOWNLOAD_GTEST or setting GTEST_SRC_DIR enables BUILD_TESTS.

If the BUILD_TESTS option is enabled, the following targets are available:

  • xtest: builds an run the test suite.

  • xbenchmark: builds and runs the benchmarks.

For instance, building the test suite of xtensor-python and downloading gtest automatically:

mkdir build
cd build
make xtest

To run the benchmark:

make xbenchmark

To test the Python bindings:

cd ..
pytest -s